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Drug addiction, like any other problem of life, needs time to show up their effect on the individual’s life. Commonly, by the time effects are realized, a lot of damage has already occurred. The families suffer as much, if not more, than the addicts – their social acceptability and trust almost exhausted. The drug addict also suffers financially, almost always having nothing left to get themselves admitted.

For some time, the state would provide us with assistance but, later, the focus shifted to HIV/AIDS. We have failed to convince them that the two are interlinked.

The lack of money often propels the affected towards sex-work, prostitution. The injectable drugs are often used by people who share needles.

Many of the malice of our society has its root in this disease. We can choose to look at a drug addict has a criminal, undeserving of love and care. But, it will not take a lot of toll to realize that they are humans like each one of us, hoping to live, hoping joy, hoping the society renders a shoulder during this toil.

Is Going to Rehab for Me: Identifying Signs of Alcoholism

One of the reasons why alcohol abuse is so difficult to spot for people is because drinking socially is very common. In fact, some people even consider getting drunk a normality. So how are you supposed to spot alcoholism in yourself or a loved one when it’s so widely accepted?

•Have you tried to stop drinking as much, but cannot?

•Has your drinking caused trouble with relationships?

•Does much of your day revolve around drinking, hiding drinking, or recovering?

•Does it take more amounts of alcohol to become drunk?

•Are you spending more money on alcohol?

•Do you keep drinking against your doctor’s orders?

These are just a few of the warning signs of alcohol abuse, as there are physical signs as well. For some, the warning signs could be the number of drinks consumed in a day; while another person’s symptoms of addiction could be that they steal money to purchase more alcohol to fuel their addiction. While there are a number of warnings to be aware of when it comes to alcoholism the good news is that treatment is only a phone call away.

By calling and speaking with one of representatives, we can put you on the path towards getting your life together. A life that is not filled with constant drinking or the negative effects it brings with it.

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